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Welcome to My Jinga Juice!

Contact +63 917 488 3902. My Jinga Juice Incorporated was established on July 2012 & inaugurated on September 8, 2012. Our aim is two-fold: first, to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people achieve well-being through quality health products; second, to provide Filipinos with a good source of livelihood.
In todays environment, where pollution is pervasive and stress levels are up, more and more people are looking for ways to stay healthy and prevent illnesses. They subscribe to the importance of health, nutrition and stress reduction.
Jinga Juice products fulfill a nutritional need. Its wheatgrass and guyabano powdered drink is its first offering. It is also the first of its kind in the market - an innovative combination that is packed with nutrients and tastes refreshing to boot.
Our management team utilizes a wide distribution network. We believe that with good products, good people, good motives, our company is bound for success.

Meet the Team

Garry C. Norman

Considered an icon in the industry. Mr. Garry C. Norman is backed by more than ten (10) years of sales and leadership experience. He consistently ranked No.1 for ten (10) consecutive years (2002 -2012). He wants to share his drive for success and he want to offer only the best - in terms of products, marketing plans and incentives with those who wants to work as hard as he does.

Being a front-liner, he knows what people need, what consumers look for, and what makes his sales force motivated. As an inspirational touchstone, Mr. Norman quotes John Maxwell, the success guru: There are two kinds of people in life: those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened. Leaders have the ability to make things happen.

People who dont know how to make things happen for themselves, wont know how to make things happen for others.

Venus T. Rivera

Educated in the field of Marketing , Advertising and Public Relations is Ms. Venus T. Rivera. Her 20 solid years of experience in sales, marketing and management is an asset to the company. Besides experience, she brings a sense of leadership, camaraderie and sincerity to the people.

More than profit, Ms. Rivera shares a vision of healthier world, where people and their loved ones are at their best minds at peace, their bodies hale and hearty.

Atty. Florentino D. Mabasa Jr.

Adding more strength and substance to My Jinga Juice Inc. is Atty. Florentino D. Mabasa Jr. His banking and telecommunications experience as well as his knowledge and expertise in the corporate world will be the strong foundation of the company, in terms of structure, strategy and direction.

Dr. Jose A. Crisanto III

Having a strong advocacy for a healthier Philippines and a healthier world, Dr. Crisanto served as a Rural Health Physician in townships of Balaoan and Bacnotan, La Union; and as a General Surgeon in various medical missions sponsored by the DOH in Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog Region, Leyte, Bicol, Ilo-ilo, Mindoro, Panay Island, Samar, Zamboanga, and Tawi-tawi. He also served and practiced in New York City, USA for almost twenty (20) years.

Now, back home with his countrymen, he joins My Jinga Juice Inc. in its vision for a heathier society.

5 Easy Ways to Earn

  • Direct Selling
  • Direct Sales Commision
  • Sales Match Commision
  • Rebates
  • Profit Sharing

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